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Stand with Ukraine Fundraiser

I co-created a series of grassroots fundraisers in Durham, NC to raise funds for Ukraine. Two local restaurants agreed to host the event and promote it on their social media. As a result, we were able to send $1600 directly to Ukraine’s Armed Forces Fund.

I immediately saw that we needed social media promotion and signage. Once those were done, I made four decals and four posters in support for the cause. The decals needed to be big enough for car bumpers but small enough to work on water bottles, laptops, etc. A friend provided the Ukrainian phrases on the posters.

I handled the relationship with two print vendors and coordinated pickup of the materials in time for the events.

Co-organized by Lotus Creations

Decals donated by Universal Printing and Graphics

Durance and Menorah Grotesk typefaces made available by Kyiv-based Ivan Tsanko